The use of stanozolol in tablet form by women

In a situation where the decision to take steroids is deliberate and necessary, the course should be carefully organized. Given the fact that the active substance has a mild effect, female athletes can use small daily doses of steroids. For the beautiful sex, this will be the best solution.

The total concentration of stanozolol should not exceed the limit of 15 mg daily. This allows you to consume fewer pills daily, consequently reducing the likelihood of digestive and liver problems.

An important advantage of Stanozolol 10 tablets is the minimal risk of developing a masculinizing effect. This is achieved by evenly distributing the daily dosage of the substance. In the case of the use of injections, such distribution is not feasible.

Combination with other drugs

Both tablets and injections of the substance stanozolol should not be used alone. Especially when it comes to courses for gaining weight. If you need to add muscle tissue values, it is best to combine the substance with methandrostenolone, testosterone or nandrolone.

When preparing for competitions in the field of bodybuilding, the combination of injectable primobolan and stanozolol is more effective. In the field of powerlifting, courses where stanozololol is combined with turinabol (or testosterone, methane and nandrolone) have good results.


  • Stanozolol in the form of tablets has a similar effect to the drug in injections.
  • The problem with the weaker effect of the tablets is not the difference in the drugs, but the difficulty of consuming the required concentration of the substance in tablet form.
  • For athletes in the field of bodybuilding the most effective are shots of the drug stanozolol. The representatives of powerlifting should prefer the drug in tablet form.
  • For women, the use of stanozolol in preparation for competitions should not cause fears about the possibility of adverse reactions.
  • Stanozolol in tablets is not used in a course on its own.
  • To add muscle mass and strength indicators this substance is recommended in combination with testosterone, methane, nandrolone, and turinabol.

Expert Opinion

This section describes in detail stanozolol, which is available in tablet form. This form of release is much more convenient to use compared to injections. Consumers of the domestic market can buy stanozolol in such preparations as stanobol, winstrol and stromba.

As stated in the text, stanozololol in shots has higher efficacy compared to pills. But in fact, this question is not clarified one hundred percent. After all, the selection of one or another form of the drug depends on the sport in which a person is engaged. Powerlifters can safely choose pills. Representatives of professional bodybuilding should pay attention to stanozolol in injections.

It should be remembered that this drug is always used in combination with nandrolone, methandrostenolone or testosterone. For the fair sex, the use of stanozolol in tablets is safe, because this form does not cause negative reactions of the body.